Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Feb 04, 2022

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Guests  February 4, 2022
Katheryn Grams  -  John Hinman brought wife, Kathryn Grams.  While John whispered into Kathryn's left ear tender declarations of love, I reminded fellow-Kiwanians that, in addition to being a past Dean of the UWG School of Nursing, Kathryn remains active in numerous organizations serving the community. 
Bruce Guthrie  -  Managing Editor of the Times--Georgian, also joined us.  We greatly appreciate the interest and support of representatives of the media.
Ryan Dahlberg  -  While water poured into Z-6 at UWG, President Dale Williams and troubleshooter Neil Weathington went into alert mode and informed the membership to meet at Bakery 27/LittleHawaiian for today's meeting.  We shared a mouth-watering meal, devoured delicious desserts, and listened to an excellent program by Dr. Julie Post from the West Georgia Technical College. Accompanying Dr. Post was W.G.T.C. Director of IT, Ryan Dahlberg.  Ryan, relatively new to the area, lives in Haralson County.  He is married and has two daughters and was excited about attending the Daddy-Daughter Dance later today.
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