Posted by Latha Narayam on Oct 22, 2022
The Fall training for Kiwanis Club leaders is scheduled for Saturday October 22nd at Jackson County High School near Braselton, GA. ( day trip)
The schedule and courses are still being finalized but I got a tentative schedule from David Simmons, current Vice Governor.
The deadline to register is October 14 th. It is online registration only.
  1. go to     
  2. click on  Events tab
  3. In the drop down menu select Fall Training
  4. Fill up the registration form and pay the $40 registration fee ( which includes lunch)
  5. There is information on Time and location of training
I am attaching the tentative schedule. The classes above the gray line are confirmed.
Hope your club will have a representation.
Latha Narayan
Lt. Governor Division 12
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Developing Good Communication (Andy Pipkin)
Interclub & Awards (Tim Goodman)
Technology Tips (Dwight Watt)
Club Secretary (Alexia Lieber)
Kiwanis Children’s Fund  and Georgia District Foundation (John Holley and Charlie Jarrell)
Club Strengthening (C.R. Phillips)
Learn about Adventure Bags (Misty Manus)
Risk Management (Donald Fleary)
Youth Protection Guidelines (Bob Pinckney)
Two for Two membership program (Darryl Gumz)
Opening a new Kiwanis Club (George Elkins)
Past District Governor’s Association meeting
Key Club (Heather Brindle and Jessica Shin)
Key Leader (Mike Sullivan)
Circle K (Areej Memon)
Club Leadership Education (David Simmons)
Club Leadership Education (continued – David Simmons)
Club Leadership Education (continued – David Simmons)
K-Kids and Builders Club (Leah Reiser)
Ferst Readers (Debbie Ross)
How can the District assist your club (David Simmons)
Terrific Kids and BUG Programs (David Simmons)