Shock, despair, denial.  It was someone on the phone saying that dreaded word "CANCER."  My mind began to whirl.  "What about provisions for my family?"  "How soon?"  "Is it curable or not?"  "What comes next?"
     Gradually the feared truth began otoset in.  How am I going to deal with this?  Prayer, comforting words and support from family and friends poured in.  My test of faith had begun.  Frankly, cancer had never been part of my thinking about my health.  Very little cancer has ever been in my family, and nothing in my direct line.  My concern had always been heart related diseases, which was a major factor in my personal decisions to be involved in a healthy cardio program lifestyle.
     Healing was certainly part of my prayer, but how was I going to endure?  I had had the best of medical care and attentive family support.  What would I have done without my wife and daughter?  Finally I had to accept with my Christian faith to put my life into His hands.
     I will miss the many fiends I have had the privilege to know over  a long career, and I hop they will remember me well, and forgive all the mistakes I've made.
     Goodbye to my gym friends, former students, breakfast club, Sunday school class, Kiwanis Club, church staff (especially Ken and Gail Stephens), and my high school buddies who made a cross-county trip to give me their support and love.  And to all the people I've met in my life's journey.  Each person is a tiny candlelight guiding me along life's treacherous path.  This thought is from my favorite devotional, Candles on the Glacier, that uses the illustration that each of us is like a small candle crossing a rugged glacier in life.  It is my desire to present a positive face through this journey, and I hope my small candle of light will help others navigate their life's glacier. 
- Dr. Bob Reeves □