Roger Kaiser spoke to the Carrollton  Kiwanis Club on Friday, October 16. 2020 at Carrollton's Courtyard Marriott.    He told of his valuable life experiences:  growing up in Indiana, basketball and baseball at Georgia Tech, coaching at West Georgia College and Life University, and now athletic director at Mt. Bethel Christian Academy in Marietta, Georgia.
There has been some interest from club members in purchasing the biography of Roger Kaiser.  Lately and unfortunately,  proceeds from books purchased through Amazon have bypassed the Kaisers.   Members wishing to purchase the book through a coordinated effort through the Carrollton Kiwanis Club may do so by first sending an "order" e-mail to (we will check availability) and on or before the in-person meeting on Friday, October 30, give Neil a check for $ 25.00 payable to "The Alexis Kaiser Foundation".  Roger will autograph your copy.  I will pick up books and deliver in November.  Books may be also acquired directly from the Kaisers:  Order book.