Posted by Neil Weathington on Nov 23, 2021
Please continue to remember the family of Rick Gibbons, Angie McDaniel's father.  Mr. Gibbons died in an automobile accident before November 16, 2021 and funeral plans will be announced later.  Anne Gibbons; Angie's mother,  is showing guarded improvement and is now out of the ICU and has undergone surgeries.  The Gibbons live in Rotunda West, Florida.
Please continue to remember Stuart and Camille Yahm.  Stuart is currently in room 114-B, Laurel Glen (formerly called Cottage Landing), and this week has suffered through dental procedures and no visitors allowed.  ("...and the hits just keep on coming"?)   Currently, Camille is in Atlanta at her daughter's house for Thanksgiving.   We all need stay in contact after Camille returns to Carrollton.  Thanks to Anne Richards and others, who have provided assistance and  transportation for Camille as she is unable to drive.