Good evening all,
I received the email below from Kathy Parsons with an update on the homeless shelter being built by Impact West Georgia. Kiwanis played a big part in making this happen and we can take a great deal of pride for our part. 
I want to personally thank each of you for supporting this amazing project. You helped make it happen. 
From Kathy Parsons-
Hello Everyone: Please forgive me for taking so long to get this update to you. There is much to report.  Today we received another $10K from Carroll EMC. This included a matching grant with CoBank. I have sent a thank you to the board of directors.  
We have received a total of $180,044 to date. Isn't that amazing!  That is 90% of our goal of $200K.  We could not have done this without you and we couldn't be more grateful.  We are now looking at "going public" and moving out of the quiet phase of the capital campaign to obtain the remaining funds needed.  The budget is actually closer to $225 K to cover all the costs. That probably should have been our campaign goal but we are not complaining. We are confident the remaining funds needed will come in. 
It's been amazing watching the renovation of the property. To recap:  we have a brand new commercial looks awesome.  We've had tree limbs removed that hung over the new roof. This was required by our insurance company.  The Sheriff's department has removed a ton of underbrush and scrub off the back and sides of the property.  ( I need someone to come in and tamp down the soil at the back of the property so a privacy fence can be installed across the back of the lot. We want to be good neighbors and discourage anyone walking through neighboring properties on the street above.  We have a group who have volunteered to install the fence and actually gave us funds to cover the fencing supplies needed as well. Just one mnre wonderful thing that has happened.
New windows have been ordered. We needed 7.  We have the promise of vinyl soffit once the building is painted. We are choosing exterior colors as we speak. We are looking at a grey (not dark) with a teal/turquoise on the doors. That may sound a little loud but it actually looks very good together on the chart. LOL  Windows trimmed in white.
The plumbers are working hard finishing up all the water lines needed and the sprinkler system is being designed as well as an alarm and fire protection system.  
We have spoken with an HVAC contractor but have not received his quote to date.
We have also spoken with an electrical contractor as well. He will come in after all the rooms have been studded and drywalled.
We have a couple of feelers out to concrete floor contractors for quotes on leveling, staining and sealing the concrete floor. We think this will be the most efficient flooring for the shelter.
We have a tentative completion date (contracting) of mid October. At this point, this is a bit of a stretch but we are hoping once the plumbing is complete the other contractors will be able to move quickly. there are bath and kitchen cabinets to secure, bath fixtures/showers, kitchen appliances, etc . We have a great lead on a new stove for the kitchen. We are looking for a commercial refrigerator. We will need washer/dryer (we may have one set we can use, but really would like one set to be commercial.) 
The community has been so generous with bath towels, sheets, comforters, etc. Some office supplies have also been donated. We are upgrading our needs list to reflect more of the items we will need to open the shelter.
We have several groups that will be working with us once we are open. A mobile medical group, haircuts, Mental Health group, free phone company, document acquisition, and other local service providers will come alongside us to offer other services as we see the needs arise. 
The only problem we have encountered is that some local contractor(s) group has been using our dumpster for their own use. These dumpsters cost us almost $500 a piece. (the last one nearly $700 because it was heavy with concrete debris) We filled 4 dumpsters to date so this is expensive when someone else is filling them partially up..  I am so thankful to Chief Richars for helping us with this situation. Hopefully they will be caught and stopped.
Again, I just wanted to keep you updated on everything. We are thrilled with what is happening and the level of excellence we will be able to offer in the shelter because of people like you. We are truly in this together and we just don't have words that can tell you how very grateful we are.
Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like more information.