Please take a second and e-mail Neil - if you can commit to helping with this at < (be early) 8:00 AM Wednesday !   Thanks 

I will keep a tally of volunteers;  personally appointed by King Richard? 

  Thanks !  Make sure that your clothing identifies you as a member of the Kiwanis Club.

- Neil



USDA Truck to Trunk Free Food Box Delivery: Coming June 3

The Food Truck is coming on Wednesday, June 3 to our Distribution Site, Tabernacle Baptist Church, 150 Tabernacle Drive. This is the USDA Truck to Trunk Free Food Box Delivery that we were hoping for.  We need a lot of volunteers and friends to carry out this project!


Volunteers need to arrive at 8:00 am. Volunteers need to supply their own masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing. They may also want to have in their cars a sports chair and water. Volunteers need to wear their organization’s vests, caps, shirts, etc. to identify them as volunteers.

Volunteer parking is the smaller church parking lot on the South side on Cottage Hill Rd.  Sign in at the Lions 100th Anniversary Banner near the Volunteer Lot and receive your assignment.

This is truly a Community Effort involving Tabernacle Baptist Church, Carroll County Soup Kitchen, Open Hands United Christian Ministry, Carrollton Baptist Association, Carrollton Police Dept., Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, and Dawnbreakers Rotary.

We were notified today that our truck delivery is June 3, with a time window of 8:00-9:00am. We plan to begin distribution at 10am, or earlier, if ready. Thanks to Lions District L Gov. David Crawford and Past District Governor Willie Cooper for contacting the right people to make this happen!

We will have a full truck which is 1,920 boxes of fresh produce to distribute to individual households the morning of June 3 until we are finished. Boxes going out currently are assorted with carrots, Idaho potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, green cabbage, lettuce, lemons, yellow squash, apples, and oranges. There will be no dairy products.

Plan for Distribution

The plan is for guests to enter from the Tabernacle Drive entrance nearest the By-Pass. They will be directed to pull up in designated spaces forming 6 lines, leaving a vacant space between cars on either side. They will move forward, one line at a time between the Pre-K covered entrance and playground up the hill for loading without exiting their vehicles. Volunteers will load the boxes in vehicle trunks. Vehicles will then drive straight up and turn right, which is the exit onto Cottage Hill Rd. Updates will follow as needed.

Thanks for your help with this project!


Tom Jackson
Neil Weathington, Kiwanis Club