Posted on Sep 30, 2022

Let the visitor beware -
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Guests  September 30, 2022
Jason Bretch joined us for a second visit, a testament to his excitement about becoming a Kiwanian.  Sponsored by Will Ozier, Jason is Coordinator of Training for Deco Star.  A devoted woodworker, Jason and wife Allyson have a son named Knox.
First Lady Karen Williams accompanied husband and our President, Dale Williams, as he completed his tenure as President and was honored with a Hixson award.
We were blessed with the presence of two outstanding members of Circle K:  Senior Timothy Van Johnson, Jr., who is majoring in Health and Community Wellness and now serves as Lieutenant-Governor for the Metro Area; and Georgia Waddell, a Biology major and President of Circle K.  Georgia, whose family and extended family live in Florida, is spear-heading an effort to provide assistance to victims of category 4 hurricane Ian.
Meet the Press:  Thanks Dan Minish for the newspaper coverage.
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