Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Sep 24, 2021

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Guests September 24, 2021

Erin Backstrom  -  President Clint Backstrom was honored with a George P. Hixson Fellow award and a standing ovation as he concluded his outstanding service to the club during the pandemic.  First Lady Erin Backstrom, looked on with adoration as he received the award and then she and Clint also announced:   "We're having a baby in March!"




 Kathryn Grams  -  Also receiving a Hixson Award was John Hinman.  John was accompanied by his wife, Kathryn Grams, retired Dean of UWG's School of Nursing, who placed a kiss on John's lips as the club applauded him for his years of service.




Katie Holley  -  We were excited to induct a new member, Katie Holley, sponsored by Travis Thomason.  Travis praised Katie for her work as Assistant Principal at Carrollton Junior High School.   Katie loves traveling, crafts, and is a great fan of the Auburn Tigers.  She also spent 8 years in Asia (Burma) teaching English.  We assume Katie, as Assistant Principal., oversees discipline at the school.  Someone was overheard saying, "Hopefully, she'll be able to make the Club Herald behave."


 - Fred




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