Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Sep 17, 2021

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Guests September 17, 2021


Proof again that the Carrollton Kiwanis Club is the best civic club in Georgia:  Like the three Magi following the North Star, Governor of the Georgia District, George Elkins; Governor-Elect, Byron Millican; and International (!) Vice-President-Designate, Katrina Baranko, journeyed to Carrollton to receive the blessing of Richard Dixon, Past-Governor of the Georgia District.  Richard presented Katrina with a bottle of fine wine from the wine collection of a great Kiwanian, the late Colonel Frank Jones.
Timothy Vanjohnson, Jr. and Nigel Greene joined us to hear Katrina's inspiring presentation and also meet George and Byron.  Timothy is President of the Circle K and a UWG senior; Nigel is Past-President of Circle K and a senior graduating in Summer, 2022.
  It was a rousing, grand meeting, ably led by our President, the Honorable Clint Backstrom.


 - Fred




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