Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Sep 15, 2023

Let the visitor beware -
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Guests September 15 2023
CKI  -  We welcomed six UWG Circle K members: Senior Art Major and Marketing Minor Kennedee Williams; Senior Finance major and Management Minor Alice McDonald, who served as President of his K-Club in Jamaica; Kaniesha Williams, a Junior Sociology Major and Psychology Minor; Freshman and Secondary Ed. Major, Reggie Ponder; Circle K Vice President and Black Student Alliance Treasurer, Justice Bell; and Circle K President, Senior Business Management and Public Administration Minor, Victoria Beil.
Zarah Spraggins  -  Mark Herring invited prospective member Zarah Spraggins, Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Program and Event Manager.
Bryce McNiel  -  Jennifer McNiel brought outstanding son, Bryce. Bryce is a Carrollton Middle School 6th grader, Band and Boy Scouts member, and a great Kiwanian volunteer.
Newnan InterClub  -  We enjoyed another interclub visit from the Newnan Kiwanis Club: George Alexander, Club Past President, retired Navy fighter pilot and Delta Pilot and a 37 years City Councilman; Club Past President and popular bagpiper, Michael Scott.
Joe Garrett  -  Financial wizard, columnist and motivational speaker, Joe Garrett, dropped by to tell us the title for his program for September 23rd:  "Sheriff Terry Langley and the Burwell Mafia - the Eliot Ness Story of Our Time."
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