Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Sep 03, 2021

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Guests September 3, 2021

Kelly Meigs, Hannah Collins, and Rita Miller  -  Loy Howard, Executive Director of the Tanner Health System, presented an overview of the services available, the status of present and future projects, and the hospital's being overwhelmed with the influx of Delta variant virus patients due significantly to the failure of persons to get vaccinated.  His entourage present to hear his program were:  Kelly Meigs, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Planning, Tanner Health System, charged with promoting the many programs devoted to the health and welfare of all of us;  Hannah Collins, Service Line Community Outreach Coordinator, Tanner Health System; and Rita Miller, Executive Director of The Birches of Villa Rica, a community for seniors.

Dan Minish and Bruce Guthrie  -  The  media joined us to cover Loy Howard's newsworthy presentation.  Kiwanian Sue Horn, publisher of the Star News; Dan Minish,Times-Georgian reporter; and Bruce Guthrie, Managing Editor of the Times-Georgian, took copious notes to get out the news.

 - Fred


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