Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Oct 20, 2023

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Guests October 20, 2023
CKI  -  We were visited by a charming, creative cadre of Circle K members:  UWG Senior Victoria Beil serves as President of Circle K and the Assistant Residential Director.  She also, when needed, serves as our Club Herald!  Gretsaly Aponte is a sophomore majoring in Criminology and Cybersecurity.  She's known for her signature orange car and her smile and caring.  Junior Kanisha Williams, making a statement with her new hair style, is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology.  She plans, of course, to be a Social Worker.  Junior Justice Bell, Vice President of Circle K and a Psychology major, will be featured in a fashion show on November 2nd.  She is a poised poem in motion on roller skates.  I've seen the video.  Freshman Reggie Ponder, majoring in Secondary Education is a published poet, winning first place in a County Poetry Competition.  Carla Romo is a senior majoring in Psychology.  She will begin an MA program in Speech Language Pathology next year.  I may need her help.
- Fred
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