Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Oct 15, 2021

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Guests October 15, 2021

Dan Dixon  -  Richard Dixon invited son Dan, "The Man" Dixon, Addictions Counselor/Founder of Carroll County Recovers partnering with Carroll County Drug Court.  Dan is married to Kylie and they are the blessed parents of adorable daughter Macey.  A graduate of Central High School, Dan set a record for the shot put as a young lad and participated in the Junior Olympics.  He has Richard's and Nancy's DNA so is gifted with the athletic prowess that runs in the family.


Erin Backstrom, devoted wife of Clint, our Past Outstanding President attended today's meeting. She is a Simulation Nurse Educator at UWG and, of course, the much loved and appreciated past First Lady of our club.



Dan Minish, Times-Georgian reporter, was with us again to report on our program.  We're immensely grateful for Dan's commitment to attending our meetings and reporting on our programs and service to the community.  Let Dan know we appreciate what he does!


  - Fred




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