Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Nov 19, 2021

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Guests November 19, 2021
Bob Uglum  -   esteemed member of the Golden K Kiwanis Club, visited to hear an excellent program by the Honorable Mayor, Betty Cason.  Bob also shared some thoughts about our club's helping with the famous Pancake Breakfast this coming February (Wow:  Bob said "only ten weeks ahead?").
David Lambert  -  Melanie Lambert arrived with husband David.  Melanie and David were married by Betty Cason seventeen years ago when Betty served as Probate Court Judge.  It's always a joy to have the honeymoon couple sharing lunch with us.
Joe and Judy Dixon   -  Richard Dixon invited brother Joe and his wife Judy Wilson Dixon.  A successful businessman, Joe was founder and owner of Joe's Tools.  A manly man, Joe ran with the high school relay team (including our own Jim Carter) that set a record in Georgia.  Judy, retired from West Georgia Tech, after teaching English as a Second Language.  She and Betty Cason have been lifelong friends.  Joe and Judy have two daughters and two grand-daughters.
Our meeting was informative and full of the spirit of camaraderie and mutual affection characteristic of our club.  There was also the heavy weight of sorrow as we opened our hearts to the tragic news of past-President Angie McDaniel's father dying in a car accident.  Paul and Angie are beloved members of the club. We will keep them sheltered in our hearts and pray for them and the family - and for Angie's mother as she slowly recovers in the hospital.




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