Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Nov 10, 2023

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!



Guests November 10, 2023
Photo:  From left to right: Shivam Aggarwal, Noah Brewer, Emma McBride, Charlotte Collins, James Noori, Madison Akin, Will Roberson, Luke Zimmer
Noah Brewer, long-time Key Club Sponsor, English Teacher and IB Coordinator at Carrollton High School, brought seven talented and impressive Key Club members to today's meeting:  Shivam Aggarwal (11th grader who has lived in India for most of his life); Madison Akin (a senior who loves musicals); Charlotte Collins (11th grader who is an officer in Key Club at Carrollton and plays competitive tennis and plays for the Carrollton team); Emma McBride (12th grader and co-president of Key Club at Carrollton and a competitive swimmer for the Bluefins and Carrollton High School); James Noori (12th grader and co-president of the Carrollton High School Key Club and an aspiring international cyclist); Will Roberson (12th grader and a fellow who can't bend his thumbs);  Luke Zimmer (11th grader who has lived in 4 different countries and is the Events Chair of the Georgia Key Club District).
- Fred
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