Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on May 28, 2021

Let the visitor beware -
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Guests May 28, 2021

Judy White  -  Derick Newton invited Judy White, his Edward Jones Office Manager, to hear the inspirationally-moving presentation by Kiki McDaniel (assisted by her husband and our friend and former member of our club, Tracy) on the Chase the Victory non-profit organization the McDaniels established in honor of their son, Chase, who died from cancer in 2019.  Judy has worked with Derick for sixteen years and says, "Working with Derick is, every day, a joyful experience."



Sandra Morris  -  Neil Weathington invited prospective member Sandra Morris, servant leader and community activist.  Sandra, County School Board Chair and consultant to non-profit Safe Families for Children, has submitted her membership application.  It's clear Sandra knows where the action is!
David Lambert  -  Melanie Lambert was accompanied by husband David.  Having them both at the meeting reminds us that love and romance are still alive and well in Carroll County.
Wayne Reynolds  -  Kiwanian Sue Horn, publisher of the STAR NEWS sent writer and Director of Advertising, Wayne Reynolds, to cover Kiki McDaniel's program. We always appreciate the presence of the media at our programs.
John Nino  -  Joe Tarshis brought prospective member, John Nino.  John comes to us from Arkansas.  A veteran, he recently spent seven years working with the Georgia Governor's Military Affairs Committee. John enjoys model railroading and woodworking.  He's married, with two sons and two step-children.  Bring him back, Joe!


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