Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on May 05, 2023

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 Guests May 12 2023
Jami Bower  -  Lacey Robinson invited Jami Bower to join us.  She is the widow of our beloved Kiwanian Art Bower.  Jami, who retired from UWG last year, created and implemented the popular "Go West" marketing program at UWG.  Jami described meeting and marrying Art as the greatest gift of her life, and a source of joy that remains with her now.
  Oak Mountain Academy  -  We were visited by a wonderful group from Oak Mountain Academy:  Sandra Porter, a person of many talents and a baker who treats grateful students to gourmet cookies; Michelle Alexander, Third Grade Teacher and Coordinator of the Oak Mountain Academy K-Kids; Karen Buchanan, Fifth Grade Teacher, ten years with OMA; Hanson Kaufman, OMA student who enjoys reading sports, and music; and Lily Grace Nelson, OMA student and archery enthusiast with a great sense of humor.  Hanson and Grace spoke to the club about OMA's fundraiser for Kiwanis International's Iodine Deficiency Program and presented our club with a check for $1,200 dollars!  We need Grace and Hanson in our club now! 
 - Fred 
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