Posted on Mar 24, 2023

Let the visitor beware -
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 Guests March 24 2023
We enjoyed another eventful gathering of the best civic club in Georgia!
   Opal Backstom  -  Dad Clint Backstrom and Grand Poppa Backstrom proudly showed off (daughter and granddaughter respectively) Opal Backstrom, who recently celebrated her first birthday.
We also celebrated the 93rd birthday of Ernest McClendon.  Attending with Ernest were wife Doris, daughter Rebecca, and granddaughter Samantha.  Rebecca, married with five children, was clearly happy getting to see her many friends in Carrollton.  Samantha, a high school senior, is an outstanding student who plays the trombone and guitar.
Jim Watters, City Council member, joined us for lunch. Next to him was one of our favorite Golden K members, Bob Uglum, who visits on a regular basis.  Looks like he wants to also join our club!
 Lynn Weathington  - Neil Weathington invited wife, Lynn, to share a lunch date.  Lynn is an author who recently published Summer Solstice, a contemporary re-telling of Jesus' parable of the prodigal.  Rebecca helped edit the book.
[  Neil's shameless advertisement:  Go to Amazon and order the book.  While supplies last.  HA!]
Bobby Sanders  -  Jeremy Sabo brought prospective member Bobby Sanders.  A huge Georgia Bulldog fan, Bobby is a retired banker and alum of the University of West Georgia (then West Georgia College?).  Married to Carole, he's joyfully proud of his three amazing granddaughters.  He has a million dollar smile, suggesting he was born to be a member of our club!
 Kathy Parsons, founder of Impact West Georgia, a non-profit serving the homeless and others in need in our community, has submitted her membership application.  On behalf of our club, President Johnny Tanner, along with members Lacey Robinson and Robert Graf, presented a check to Kathy to support her programs.
 - Fred 
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