Posted on Jul 29, 2022

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!




Guests  July 29, 2022
Tim Warren introduced the guests in Fred's absence.
Ian Lyle  -   Mr. Lyle has been Principal at Carrollton High School - going on two years.  He and wife Brandi have two children:  Charlie and Reid.   A lifelong Carrollton resident,  Mr. Lyle is a graduate of Carrollton High School and UWG.
Paul Fitz-simons is serving his sixth year as Athletic Director.  He has coached football, basketball, and lacross.   Mr. Fitz-simons is married  to Alison Sanders, the 1999 CHS Homecoming Queen and they have two daughters.
Tucker Cole is the sports editor for the Time-Georgian.  He is a graduate from Haralson County High School and currently a junior Mass Communications  major at UWG.    The Kiwanis Club appreciates the coverage from the reporters Dan Minish and Tucker Cole.
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