Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Jul 21, 2023

Let the visitor beware -
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 Guests July 21 2023
Angie McDaniel and Anne Gibbons  -  Paul McDaniel invited wife, Angie, and mother-in-law Anne Gibbons.  Angie is a counselor at Temple High School.  As all of us gratefully remember, Angie is a former distinguished president of our club.  Anne, the wonderful Mom who brought Angie into the world, is retired from Georgia Power where she worked i Corporate Security.
Erin Backstrom  -  Clint Backstrom brought wife, Erin, who serves as Clinical Outcome Manager at Tanner Health Systems.  It was a joy to introduce Erin and she was happy getting to spend time with her "wonderful, handsome, attentive husband!"
Samira Barnett  -  Dan Minish and Bruce Guthrie from the TIMES-GEORGIAN joined us, accompanied by Samira Barnett, a graduate of UWG and a new reporter with the TIMES-GEORGIAN.
 - Fred 
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