Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Jul 16, 2021

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Guests July 16, 2021

Tyler Paul Smith  -  Jack Whitman invited Georgia Representative Tyler Paul Smith (representing District 18).  A graduate of Bremen High School, the Citadel, and Atlanta's John Marshall Law School, Representative Smith informed us he considers one of his greatest accomplishments being invited to be part of Jack's pool shooting team.  Smith has a sense of humor; after Jack told him the Club Herald is a Democrat, Smith quipped:  "It's good knowing this is a bipartisan group."


Kiwanian Mike Renfrow, a UWG retiree who's been enjoying his retirement for years, joined us for lunch. It's always a treat to get to spend time with Mike.


Stephanie Cirasa  -  John Hinman did a yeoman's job of introducing our program:  Stephanie Cirasa, Director of the Waypoint Ranch, a program dedicated to helping veterans and their families heal from the consequences of their service to America.  She was accompanied by veterans Jay DeBaker and Tiffany Savage, who work with Stephanie in the program.


John Nino  -  Sponsored by Joe Tarshis, John Nino, Retired Army veteran (Military Police) was inducted into the club.  Thanks, John, for choosing our Kiwanis club.

- Fred


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