Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Jul 09, 2021

Let the visitor beware -
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Guests July 09, 2021


Mike Speir  -  Dale Williams invited prospective member and well-known Carrollton native, Mike Speir, who achieved fame in 1969 when chosen Employee of the Year at the T-Burger, then a local teenage hangout serving the likes of Jim Collins, Richard Dixson (who are well-known for consuming a record number of hotdogs and burgers).  A marine (USMC, 1971-1993) and in possession of numerous academic degrees:  CHS (1970), UWG (1978), and UGA (1989, 1993), Mike is looking forward to cooking burgers at the annual cookout for Senior citizens.
John Nino - Retired Army Veteran (Military Police!), John Nino, returned and brought with him his membership application.  Sponsored by Joe Tarshis, John is a devotee of photography, wood-working, and railroading.  Thank you, John, for checking out our club and deciding to get on board!
[ New member - pending ]
Addi and Carson Stevens  -  Linda Robles brought two of her spiritual grandchildren:  sister and brother Addi and Carson Stevens. Addi has turned seven and is in the first grade.  Carson is 5 and will enter kindergarten.  They are better behaved than the Club Herald and we hope they return for more visits!
Dan Minish  -  Reporter for the TIMES-GEORGIAN, Dan Minish, joined us to cover our program.  We're grateful for the media's interest in all our club does to serve the children of the communty.
- Fred


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[  Editor's note:   When you bring a guest, please collect contact information.  Thanks to  Matthew Clay for designing the Guest Form that is parked on the Club's website.  We will add friends to the weekly e-bulletin and stay in touch.  ]