Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Jan 08, 2021

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Guests January 8, 2021


Carri Tarpley  -  
Carrie Tarpley joined us to hear a deeply moving program by Dr. Tom Peterson, a UWG Professor of Education and the founder of the SPARK Mentoring program.  Carrie is the mother of Allyson Tarpley, UWG student and graduate assistant to Dr. Peterson.  Carrie works at Southwire, home-schooled her two children for 12 years, and served on mission trips to Ghana, West Africa.
Chyna Smith -  (photo not available)
We were also blessed with a visit from Chyna Smith, the older sister of Ray Smith, one of the young men in the SPARK program.  Chryna is training to be a paramedic.
 - Fred
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