Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Jan 31, 2020

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(January 31, 2020)
Linda Robles invited friend and devoted mother of three daughters, Wendy Worthy. One daughter plans to major in Psychology so I'll know where to go to get my life on track.
We were honored with an interclub from the Fairfield Kiwanis Club. President Latha Narayan and husband Kiwanian, Thiru Narayan, joined us to hear the presentation by Daniel Jackson, President/CEO of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce/Carroll Tomorrow.
Louise Reeves  -  W.H. Smith brought prospective member Louise Reeves, daughter of the late beloved Kiwanian Bob Reeves.  Louise has been part of our Kiwanis family since she was an outstanding athlete at Central High School.  She was a high school coach and math teacher until she returned to Carrollton to take care of her parents.  She's a treasure and we hope she becomes an official member!
Elondie Bretous  -  UWG Circle K Secretary/Treasurer, Elodie Bretous, joined us for lunch. Elodie is a junior and is majoring in Social and Behavioral Health.
Trent Ross  -  Jim Collins, known for bringing great members to the club, invited prospective member and manager of the UWG Coliseum, Trent Ross. Trent is married to Kelli and they have 2 children.  He's a past college football official and also an adjunct professor of Sports Management.  Originally coming to UWG to play baseball, he has a B.A. and M.A. from UWG and is working on a doctorate.  Let's hope he realizes the Carrollton Kiwanis Club is the club he needs to join!
- Fred
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