Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Jan 28, 2022

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Guests  January 28, 2022
Mary Erickson  -  Bill's wife, Mary, joined us to hear his talk.  Mary Erickson is a retired Associate Professor in the UWG School of Nursing.  She earned two degrees in Nursing from Emory University.  She can often be found at Gallery Row on the Square reading huge history books or traveling with Bill to keep him from getting into trouble in numerous countries around the world.
Beth Graf  -  Robert Graf invited wife, Beth (both neighbors of the Ericksons) to hear Bill's moving program.  Beth is a founding member of the St. Margaret's Episcotrailians and has a nursing degree from UWG, and a M.A. in Psychology, also from UWG.  As Robert says:  "Beth is exceptional:  she can heal the body, the s




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