Posted by Neil Weathington on Jan 22, 2021

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!


Guests January 22, 2021


Dr. Tressa Kelly -   The First Lady of UWG accompanied her husband  and enjoyed lunch and program with the Kiwanis Club.
Jami Bower  -   Art Bower brought his wife Jami; Associate V.P. of Constituent Relations and Engagement at UWG.  Originally from Heflin Alabama, Jami attended the University of Alabama.  She has been at UWG for ten years.
Sarah Powell  -  UWG President brought staff members to his Kiwanis Club program.   Sarah is the Digital Content Strategist at UWG,  and
Colton Campbell  -  Colton is the Director of Strategic Communication  for UWG .
Corey Speights  -  Trent Ross brought guest Corey Speights.  Corey is the Assistant Director of Live Event Production at UWG.   Corey and his wife have lived in Carrollton for sixteen months and have two children.
photo L to R:  Corey Speights, Colton Campbell, and Sarah Powell
David Lambert  -  Melanie Lambert enjoyed lunch with her husband David.  The couple dodged the anxious photographer this time.  Sorry.
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[  Editor's note:   When you bring a guest, please collect contact information.  Thanks to  Matthew Clay for designing the Guest Form that is parked on the Club's website.  We will add friends to the weekly e-bulletin and stay in touch.  ]