Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Jan 14, 2022

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Guests  January 14, 2022
Dr. Susan Welch  -  Professor and Associate Dean in the UWG School of Nursing, has joined our club and will be inducted January 21st.  Sponsored by Jenny Ingram, Susan is an excellent addition to our club!
Troy Vollenweider  -  Jeremy Sabo and Will Ozier are sponsoring the return of Troy Vollenweider to the club.  Troy left us for a position in Brunswick but is now working at UWG as a Business Consultant.  Welcome back, Troy!
We enjoyed an interesting, informative program by Jennette Gayer, working with the Georgia Solar Energy Association.  Jennette Spoke about the importance and benefits of solar energy and its public and commercial use in Georgia.  Listening to Jeannette were two of our own, Kiwanians Tim Martin and John Hinman, energy visionaries promoting and implementing the use of solar energy in our area.




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