Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Feb 16, 2024

Let the visitor beware -
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 Guests February 16, 2024:
Aaron Bynum  -  A proud Linda Robles invited her son and prospective member Aaron Bynum. The father of 2 daughters (Aurora, 6 and Ariel, 5) and a son (Titan, 2), Aaron is an Insurance Broker and Real Estate Investor who is looking for more opportunities to serve the community. Aaron is also a member of Carrollton Lodge #57 of the Free Masons, where he serves as a Junior Deacon.
Joe Cusick was inducted into our club. Sponsored by Lacey Robinson and Robert Graf, Joe, a Navy veteran, met his wife Marilyn in San Diego where he attended the University of California, San Diego. After a career working in power generating plants, he moved to Carrollton, where his son, Corey and wife Ketty have been living. Joe's also a dedicated member of St. Margaret's Episcopal Church and his daughter-in-law, Ketty Cusick, is now a Senior Director of Development at UWG.
- Fred
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