Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Feb 17, 2023

Let the visitor beware -
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Guests February 17 2023
Mike Limerick  -  Joe Tarshis brought prospective member and uncanny look-alike, Mike Limerick.  Surely a DNA test could reveal that they are closely related.  Mike and wife, Debbie, recently moved to Carrollton.  He's a retired health administrator.  He met and married Debbie when he worked at Tanner Hospital 40 years ago.  Welcome back, Mike, and make your return really rewarding by joining our club!
Susan Berry  -    Milton Berry invited wife and best friend, Susan, to share a romantic lunch date.  Sitting closely together, they were all smiles celebrating the arrival of their ninth grandchild.  Congratulations!
Dewey Smith - "Mr. Kiwanis" visited the Carrollton Kiwanis Club on Friday, February 17, 2023.   The meeting was right on his way from Albany Georgia to visit Oziers for Kiwanis apparel.  Dewey Smith was Governor of the Georgia District of KI in 2007, and has just recently completed a term as Trustee for Kiwanis International.  And he bought the last blue blazer from Bremen with Kiwanis inner-lining !  And he drives a vehicle with Georgia License Tag # KIWANIS.
Meet the Press:  Dan Minish and Noah Schroyer,
February 10 2023
Bryce McNiel - Jennifer McNeil brought son Bryce McNieil.  A fifth grader at Carrollton Middle School, Bryce plays the trombone in the band and has recently moved from the Cub Scouts to the Boy Scouts.  Bryce's commitment to serving others is an inspiration for all of us.  He has volunteered to work at the concession stand during football season and will also be seen helping at the Pancake Breakfast!  I'm ready to sponsor him as a member of the club! 
 - Fred 
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