Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Feb 07, 2020

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!

(February 7, 2020)
Nathaniel Smith  -  Richard Dixon invited prospective member Nathaniel Smith, local attorney and candidate for State Court Judge.  Nathaniel was a member of our club years ago when he was called to active duty in the war on terrorism.  He's married and has three sons.  Accompanying Nathaniel was his Legal Assistant, Ann Willett.  We hope she returns as well
  Steve Fuller  -  Johnny Tanner brought prospective member and District Four Commissioner Steve Fuller.  Steve is known for many things, among them:  being a retired Navy veteran of 22 years, a retired educator (17 years), and the owner/operator of Swampfox Vineyards.
- Fred
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