Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Aug 30, 2019

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(August 30, 2019)
We had the pleasure of spending time with a wonderful group of students from the Carrollton High School Key Club, and their Club Advisor, Noah Brewer, son of Marci and Kiwanian Bill Brewer and an excellent English teacher.  The Key Clubbers were:
Key Club Co-President and Senior, Ana Hernandez Lozano; Key Club Treasurer and Senior, Caroline Carter; Co-President and Senior, Marien Perezcassar; Social Media Chair and Junior, Ellie Hamrick; Secretary and Junior, Melany Arrieta; Vice-President and Junior, Eujin Kang.  Kiwanian President-elect Clint Backstrom presented the Key Club with a check for $500 and thanked the students for helping us with our fund-raisers.
Love and Peace - Fred
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