Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Aug 13, 2021

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Friday the 13th, August 2021


Ian Lyle, Principal of Carrollton High School, joined us to "give support" to program presenter, Joey King, the new Head Coach of the Carrollton Trojans.
Media representatives also joined us:  Reporter, Dan Minish and Managing Editor, Bruce Guthrie, of the TIMES-GEORGIAN.Bruce, invited by Mark Herrin, is new to Carrollton.  His wife and three children will arrive soon, moving here in about a month from Arkansas.  
Mark Herrin also brought prospective member Jeff Hughes with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Jeff, who has a great sense of humor, has been married for 34 years "to the same woman!"  They have two adult children and a daughter who is an artist, and a son who is an Army Infantry officer.
Javeese Smith invited prospective member Bruce Kirby.  Bruce is with Southwire and works to make a difference by involvement in the community and helping others.
Jenny Ingram brought prospective member and marketing professional Camellia Chandler.  Camellia and her husband come to us from Woodstock, GA and now reside in Bowdon.  She is about to give birth to a baby boy - hopefully a future, prospective Kiwanian!

the 13th , August, 2021



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