Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Apr 28, 2023

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 Guests April 28 2023
 Interclub  -   We were honored with an interclub visit from the all-female membership Kiwanis Club of Coweta County.  It was our opportunity to meet four outstanding women dedicated to serving the children of Coweta County.  Their visit also was an opportunity for one of the members, Jane Duenckel, to visit with high school friend Randy Miller!  Joining us for lunch were: Jeri Burnette, retired school teacher with 43 years of teaching experience; Aline Archibald, retired from teaching after 33 years; Linda Dickerson, Club Past President and current Safety Coordinator and Fund-Raising Chair and a Registered Nurse who served others for 43 years; and Randy's friend, Jane Duenckel, retired teacher who thankfully made me behave during my introductions.
Photo:  L-R: Jane Duenckel, Randy Miller, Linda Dickerson, Aline Archibald, & Jeri Burnett….from Kiwanis Club of Coweta County.
 - Fred 
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[  Editor's note:   When you bring a guest, please collect contact information.  Thanks to  Matthew Clay for designing the Guest Form that is parked on the Club's website.  We will add friends to the weekly e-bulletin and stay in touch.  ]