Posted by Cathy Farley on Mar 30, 2020
Hi everyone,
I hope this message finds you well.  I’m certainly missing your smiling faces and our meetings full of laughter!  Since we are unable to meet, I thought it might be nice to send in pictures of how we’re coping day to day by working from home or how you are ‘sheltering in place’.  
Hopefully it can help us to feel more together by seeing each other’s faces & daily lives. We appreciate whatever you want to share. You can send a picture of a stocked pantry or a picture of you gardening or dancing!  Pictures of family! Some of us are actually teaching our children!  
I’ve attached a picture of my  granddaughter Mey Mey.  She likes all things shiny.
Smile!  This Too Shall Pass.
Please submit photos by Monday of each week to Neil  Weathington to be included in Club Runner for that week. Neil has graciously agreed to assist.  
Love and blessings to everyone,
Cathy Farley