Dear Friends of South India Christian Mission,


As you may remember, we asked for your help with what started as a “Feeding the 4000” hungry, quarantined people in villages of South India.  As our preachers and leaders worked tirelessly in the bulk purchasing, packaging and distribution of food to village families, the need continued to grow.  So did your giving right here in the West Georgia area!  Bottom line: you helped us feed more than 6000 hungry people!  We just wanted to give yo

 John Vincent (on left) with atheist who came back to talk – receiving Bible

This man’s name is Wala. Unlike the typical Hindu people who worship many gods, Wala is an atheist. He was so touched when he and his family became recipients of our feeding outreach in the name of Jesus, that he came to the home of preacher John Vincent the next day desiring to learn more about Jesus. John talked with him for two hours that day. The following day he came again with more questions, and asked John for a Tamil Bible. In this picture, John is presenting a new Tamil Bible to Wala. He was deeply seeking and asking good questions, and John feels that Wala will in time become a Christian. This is an example of how the process typically works best in our experience. Blindly passing out Bibles publicly along with distribution of basic survival needs is neither cost effective nor is it taken positively by people of other religions. However, when the heart of a person is touched by the Holy Spirit during the meeting of needs in Jesus name, those will return for deeper discussion and request a Bible along with mentoring as they read it. This process is already happening and will continue to do so!  The result: You have helped us feed both bodies and souls!

Home of Sarojamal (see picture below):
Our distribution in a village near the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh brought us to the home of an elderly woman named Sarojamal. This grandmother is suffering from leprosy and living with her are two young grandchildren whose mother had died. Their father is often away for work. Previously this grandmother had visited our Christian church in the neighboring village of Ammambakkam, and our workers also reached out to her village.  The situation they found was pathetic, as this leprous grandmother and her two young grandchildren live in a very small mud hut with thatched roof, were all very hungry, and wore tattered clothing. After delivering food there, our workers were so upset, they returned again the next day with clothing to give them, and to share the good news of Jesus and present a Tamil Bible. That poor family definitely tasted the love of Jesus and plans to attend the Ammambakkam Church after the lockdown is lifted. Our preacher there said, “We thank you all for your help. May the Lord be magnified!”  

We were able to reach so many villages in the Vellore District of India, that their local newspapers picked up on the event and printed a nice picture article.  So many people expressed extreme gratitude, saying they had totally run out of food and had lost hope of feeding their family for even one more day, when our workers arrived with enough food to sustain them for quite a few days! 





Dick and Susan Ingle

South India Christian Mission

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