Posted by Jim Carter on Nov 21, 2022
            If you don't know this guy, you should.  He is the Kiwanian who is always helping. Whether it is handling a major project like the Art and Talent Showcase, videoing the meeting, putting out the name tags, putting up the club banner, putting it all away or doing a dozen other Kiwanis duties, he is the guy.
 His name is Neil Weathington.
$1,1725 were in the pot on November 11th.  There were just eleven cards remaining.   
On November18th our speaker, Dr. Tressa Kelly, found the Joker.
 She asked what she was drawing for, and was told that if she drew the Joker she would win $50.
The pot grows to $1,738. The Joker goes back in the deck, so we still have eleven cards in the deck.