Make sure to check the bottom of this newsletter to see if you are registered to eat lunch on May 27 and/or June 3.  No tickey-no laundry ?
Z6 will not offer the (buffet) multi-food choices on May 27 and June 3.     Plates for the meal on May 27 have already been ordered and registration is open through tonight to RSVP for June 3.  To register for June 3 if you have not already done so, go find the e-mail request and click affirmatively before midnight tonight (May 26).
There will be at least one more RSVP that has not yet been sent.
Members who have requested a meal on May 27 and June 3 will see the event(s) listed  at the bottom of this newsletter.
Members who are messing this up will be given free cats that are lingering around a local restaurant.
No action is necessary if you will not be attending .
Thank you for your cooperation !