Jenny Ingram - Kiwanian of the Year 2021
Jenny Ingram was awarded "Kiwanian of the Year 2021" at the special surprise ceremony in August.
Neil Weathington  - Fred Richards Service Award 2021
[Editor's Note:   Thank you Club for this honor !]
Clint Backstrom and John Hinman
inducted into the George F Hixson Fellowship
George F Hixson attendees  - September 2021
Richards, Dixon, Ingram, Backstrom, Bell, Williard, Whitman, Hinman, Collins, Warren, Key, Newton, Carter *, Sabo, Weathington, Lipham, and Miller.
2020-2021 Kiwanis Club Awards
September 24, 2021
Perfect Attendance Awards:
            1st year perfect attendance (number tab):
            Mark Herring, Louise Reeves, Patrick Yuran     
            2nd year:
            Joey Key, Johnny Tanner, Joe Tarshis      
3rd year:
Clint Backstrom, Bob Meyers
4th year:
Mitch Clifton
            5th year:
            Dale Williams
7th year:
Dick Ingle
8th year:
Linda Robles
9th year:
Craig Williard                                                                                  
            13th year: (10 + years get number tab & certificate)
John Hinman, Jeremy Sabo
15th year:
Kenny Duke, Derick Newton
17th year:
            Jenny Ingram, Neil Weathington
            19th year:
            Richard Dixon, Randy Miller
            21st year:
            Joe Bell
            26th year:
            Jim Carter
30th year:
            Luke Lipham
43rd year:
            Fred Richards
            45th year:
            Jim Collins
Legion of Honor Awards: (pin and certificate)
1976    Jim Collins, Past Lt Gov                     45 yrs (perfect attendance)
1981    Jack Whitman                                     40 yrs
1986    Bob Graf, Past Lt Gov                        35 yrs
1991    Luke Lipham, Past Pres                      30 yrs (perfect attendance)
1996    Tim Warren, Past Pres                        25 yrs (first time as LOH recipient)
Club Herald:   Dr Fred Richards
Human & Spiritual Values: Derick Newton
SLP’s Coordinator:    Mark Herring
Special Advisor for SLP’s & Key Leader: Linda Robles
Bob Reeves Memorial 5K:    Javeese Smith & Randy Miller
Dr Seuss Project:     Paul McDaniel
Local Art & Music Talent Chairman:    Neil Weathington
Public Relations:    Neil Weathington
2020-2021 Outgoing Board Members:      Joey Key, Patrick Yuran
Fred Richards Outstanding Service Award:   Neil Weathington