Thursday, October 13, 2022
The Carrollton Kiwanis Club celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary with a dinner at Tano Phommasith's Venue on Cedar Street in Carrollton Georgia.   The Carrollton Kiwanis Club was sponsored by the Newnan Kiwanis Club and chartered on October 23, 1947. 
The President-Elect of Kiwanis International (2022-2023), Katrina Baranko, visited as special guest to deliver the keynote address and assisted the Kiwanis Governor of the Georgia District, Darryl Gumz, in celebrating the success of the club. 
photos:  Dr. Fred Richards, Carrollton Kiwanis Herald, greets Katrina Baranko;   Georgia Kiwanis Governor Darryl Gumz presents framed certificate to Club President Johnny Tanner.
 The banquet room was full of ninety attendees including past-presidents and dignitaries from the Georgia District.   
Darryl Gumz, Kiwanis Governor of the Georgia District was joined by Past District Governors of Kiwanis International: 
(left to right) Bill Lieber, Past-President of Kiwanis International (1993) and Past-Governor of the Indiana District; representing the Georgia District:  Darryl Gumz, Byron Mullican, George Elkins, Richard Dixon, Katrina Baranko, Chuck Hood, and John Holley.
Jenny Miller Ingram, Club Secretary, surprised Past-Club-President (2007) and Past-Georgia-Kiwanis-Governor (2016) Richard Dixon with the award of the Diamond Hixson Pin.  Dixon was honored with the George F. Hixon Fellowship in 2007, and an additional $ 1,000 donation is now made to the Kiwanis International Children's Fund in his honor for the additional diamond designation. 
The Carrollton Kiwanis Club received local recognition with a visit from Betty Cason, the Mayor of Carrollton, and a proclamation ready by Michelle Morgan, Chairperson of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners.
Photos:  Betty Cason, Mayor of Carrollton, Georgia;     Michelle Morgan, Chairperson of the Carroll County Commission, presents proclamation to Kiwanis President Johnny Tanner.