Posted by Neil Weathington
Please !
We need a paradigm change, where in addition to just remembering to show-up for the Friday Kiwanis Meetings, we need leaders who will step-up the game and invite guests.  We all need to get behind and support the energizer bunny and Membership Chair Shane Davis.  Statistics and common sense prove that Kiwanis Clubs who actively and regularly invite guests - will grow in numbers.  If two leaders at a time will invite prospective members each week, then the club secretary is able to report on the monthly report that we are participating on the Kiwanis Two-For-Two program, (that earns us "Brownie" points toward "Distinguished" status.) and, no big surprise, more members will join.  Just remembering to "show-up" is only the first step.  Please invite friends !  If your guest is a "prospective member", the the Club pays for the lunch .  And for the absent minded professor types - remember that the meeting on Friday, March 29, 2024 is a breakfast at 7:30 AM and there will be no lunch meeting.  For retirees, be amazed that 7:30 occur two times per day ?
Neil Weathington
Georgia Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor Division 12
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