[Hi All,

We've collected around $900 towards the food gift cards for the benefit of Central and Carrollton High Schools.
We'll continue to collect through December 2nd. If members are unable to attend the next meeting and give cash, they can be billed (please let us know an amount) or use the club venmo account. Contact Clint cbackstr@westga.edu or Jenny jingram@westga.edu 

Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. We would like to invite Kiwanians to think ahead to the upcoming Christmas break for our Carroll County and City Schools. Some of you may know that our county has a very high number of families without the funds to provide enough food for their families. When school is in session, many families are blessed to know their children will have enough healthy food for breakfast & lunch thanks to the free and reduced lunch programs. However, when longer breaks occur families often do not have the means to provide healthy meals or meals at all.


Kiwanis wants to be part of the solution as we’ve done for the last several years. We are asking for donations of $10 gift cards or cash that will be turned into gift cards to local fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A and other such restaurants. We can also add an amount to your quarterly bill if you don’t have cash with you or will miss the meeting on Friday. These donations will then be disbursed to students via their guidance counselor’s office. We will be sponsoring Central & Carrollton High Schools in December.


Please donate all funds, gift cards or pledges to Clint Backstrom or Jenny Ingram no later than December 2nd. Contact info is below if you have any questions.


Thank you all for your giving hearts!

Clint & Jenny