Officer 2010-2011

Officers Directors
Past President - Derick Newton Jay Willis
President - Neil Weathington Bruce Gore
President-elect - Susan Duncan Suzy McCorkel
Vice-President - Mike Dugan

Dick Ingle

Secretary - Jenny Ingram Carlos Ruiz
Treasurer - Jim Carter Mike Washington

Jim Collins, speaking as chairman of the nominating committee, places in nomination for rotation - Mike Dugan. [Dynasty: Dave and Mike Dugan will be the first father and son to have served in rotation for President of the Carrollton Kiwanis Club.] Neil Weathington is named to continue in rotation as President, Susan Duncan as President-Elect, Jenny Ingram as Secretary, and Jim Carter as Treasurer. Jay Willis is named to complete Mike Dugan's term on the board of directors, to serve with Bruce Gore and Suzy McCorkel. Nomimated to begin a new term on the board: Dick Ingle, Carlos Ruiz, and Mike Washington. Thanks to Jim Collins and the nominating committee: Mike Renfrow, Susan Duncan, Randy Miller, and Neil Weathington.