Anthony Bishop, The Director  of Sales and Brand Growth at the Carrollton Chic-fil-A Operations,  presents a stack gift cards  to Georgia Kiwanis Governor George Elkins.   Kiwanian Nancy Dixon, a Guidance Office Secretary with the Carroll County School System, coordinates the program battling food insecurity and will be responsible for sharing the meal cards with local needy students.   Past Governor Richard Dixon was recognized and identified by other Chic-fil-A customers after the presentation as "Nancy Dixon's husband".    Richard Dixon, George Elkins, and Byron Mullican had just attended the Division Twelve Governor's Rally in Carrollton.
Photo (l to r)  Richard Dixon, Georgia Kiwanis Governor (2015-2016); Anthony Bishop, Chic-fil-A; George Elkins, Current Georgia Kiwanis Governor; and  Byron Mullican, Current Georgia Kiwanis Governor-Elect.