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2020-2021 Officer & Board Installation
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Thanks to Corliss Long for inviting Kwasi Hudson to speak at  the last Zoom meeting.   
Kwasi Hudson led the Kiwanis Club in a discussion of efforts to  help citizens have their voice heard through voting;
September Milestones
05   Tim Kilgore
15   Michael Crafton
21   Craig Williard
22   Jonathan Hendricks
04   Ray & Bonnie Kathe
05   Bob & Sue Myers
05   Phil & Teresa Stamps
06   Michael & Lisa Crafton
15   Ashley & Christopher Hulsey
25   Mike & Margo Washington
Herald's Report September 4,  2020

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!


Guests September 4, 2020

Daniel Jackson  -  Kiwanian and Publisher of the STAR NEWS, Sue Horn,  brought new reporter, Daniel Jackson to cover the program by Jeff Richards.  Daniel, a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, served twenty years with tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Germany, and South Korea.  He and his wife Demetric (also retired from the military) have three grown sons.  In between reporting for the STAR NEWS, Daniel is completing his BA degree at UWG.

- Fred


Invite Guests !
Kiwanis 5-K Race rescheduled  - Sept 26
Four Kiwanians gave out a stack of promo cards at City Station on Saturday, August 22, 2020 .  Thank you Javeese Smith, Linda Robles,  Louise Reeves, and Randy Miller.

Racing enthusiasts advise that the best advertising for our race -  is to notify runners at previous races.

Click here to register to participate.  (run, walk, crawl, ghost;  we aim to please !)
The 2020 event is dedicated in memory of Bob Reeves 
Fifty Fifty Raffle
Randy Miller tried for the Joker.   Our pot grows to $209, and 46 cards remain. 
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