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Dec 03, 2021
Dec 10, 2021
Carroll Co Ag Center
Dec 16, 2021 6:30 PM
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Kiwanis Bob Reeves 5K 2021 Finish Line
2021 Final Finishers !
Kiwanis Bob Reeves 5K 2021 Hobbs Farm
Kiwanis Bob Reeves 5K 2021 Awards
Nate Stephens - The Blake House
Nate Stephens, Executive Director of the Blake House, spoke to the Carrollton Kiwanis Club in UWG's Hubbard Dining Room on November 12, 2021. The Blake House is a minimum ten month inpatient regeneration program that addresses freedom from addiction and destructive behavior.  The Blake house is financed by private donations and by sales from the two thrift stores in Carrollton.  The club heard a sucess testimonial from Mike Ferarra , who completed the program and now serves on staff.
Photo:  Kiwanis President Dale Williams with  Mike Ferarra and Nate Stephens.
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Meeting ID: 897 1613 9685
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Kiwanis Koncessions at UWG
November 13, 2021
Thanks to all the volunteers on team Jenny for the fantastic day in the concession stand during the UWG football final scheduled game.
With apologies for not photographing all the volunteers.  Thanks to all !
Gift Cards vs. Food Insecurity
Please don't forget to consider donating to our Food Gift Card Drive. We purchase small denomination food gift cards to local restaurants, and give them to local high school counselors, who distribute them to needy students to help feed them during Christmas break. Every dollar helps, and we can even place it on your quarterly bill.
Ring the Bell  !!
A Great Service Project:
Please contact Jim Carter if you are interested in ringing the bell for the local Salvation Army.
Herald's Report November 12

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!


Guests November 12, 2021

Dan Dixon  -  Past Georgia District Governor and outstanding Kiwanian Richard Dixon invited son and prospective member Dan Dixon.  Dan is owner of Carroll County Recover, a recovery program that works with the Carroll Drug Court.  Dan joined us to hear


Mike Ferarro and Nate Stephens present a moving and interesting talk on the Blake House and its program "regenerating men" to move beyond addictions and live purposeful, more meaningful lives.  Shane Sauls, a past member of the staff of the Blake House also joined us for lunch.





- Fred




Invite Guests !
[  Editor's note:   When you bring a guest, please collect contact information.  Thanks to  Matthew Clay for designing the Guest Form that is parked on the Club's website.  We will add friends to the weekly e-bulletin and stay in touch.  ]
Fifty Fifty Raffle
With ten cards remaining on the table, Joe Bell discovers that he has drawn the winning card.
Joe collects half of a respectable $1540 pot....$770.
Some years ago, Joe found the Joker for a $47 pay out.  
I am thinking that Joe needs to buy more tickets and give the rest of us a chance.
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