Charity Aaron, Director
Carroll County Schools
Performing Arts Center
August 21
In-Person @ Courtyard Marriott
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Jeff Richards, Warden
Carroll County Prison
September 4
In-Person@ Courtyard Marriott
Tim Martin, EMC
September 18
In-Person @ Courtyard Marriott
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Dr. Richard (Dick) Ingle
Dr. Ingle presented the ZOOM meeting on Friday, August 14, 2020.
Scintillating Geometry, Math, and Calculus.
The first interesting problem was the string girdle earth calculation, then add ten feet to the string, and calculate the gap.
Then, the pi relationship of perimeter of polygons to 2R of circle inside.
If He lost you in the calculations, perhaps a video of Rockwell's Retroencabulator will cause your brain to explode.
Bill Dees (1938 - 2020)
My father passed away Saturday night after a 3 week battle of pneumonia. 
We will be having a celebration of life party on Monday August 24th @ Venue on Cedar  809 Cedar Street in Carrollton from 1-4 pm.
I know he enjoyed every minute he spent with his Kiwanis family and we would love for members to come and celebrate his BIG life.  The event is a large space, so we will be able to follow all the current protocols.  If you would be so kind as to RSVP to this email address by Thursday August 20th so we can have a head count. 
Chef Tano was my dads favorite guy, so know there will be good food and drink, just the way dad would want it.
Please share this with anyone who would wish to attend and share my email with them, I am trying to reach the people who would like to share their stories of my dad with our family.
If you would like to send flowers Venue on Cedar will be accepting them the same day as the celebration.
My mothers (Patricia) address is 105 Coolwater Trace Carrollton, 30117 if you wish to send flowers to her instead.
Susan Whiten
Herald's Report August 7,  2020

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!


Guests August 7, 2020


Mark Herring arranged for two members of the media to hear and report on the excellent presentation by Erica Tisinger, who is running for State Court Judge.  Times-Georgian representatives were reporter Stephanie Allen, a graduate of Florida State University, and photographer Jay Luzardo, who, originally from New Jersey, has traveled across America and to more than thirty countries.   


Invite Guests !
August Milestones
06   Javeese Smith
06   Tim & Karen Warren
10   Ashley Hulsey
12   Jeremy & Janet Sabo
19   Mike Dugan
13   John & Emily Bass
20   Joey Key
17   WH & Peggy Smith
30   Ray Kathe  
20    Dick & Susan Ingle
22   Tim & Sandra Kilgore
  24   Jim & Olivia Russell
Kiwanis 5-K Race rescheduled  - Sept 26
Javeese has heard from the city and the race is rescheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2020 at Hobbs Farm (Greenbelt.)
Click here to register to participate.  (run, walk, crawl, ghost;  we aim to please !)
The 2020 event is dedicated in memory of Bob Reeves 
Fifty Fifty Raffle
Our  guest, Sandra McCormick,  retired the queen of hearts.   Our pot grows to $174, and 47 cards remain. 
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