This Council Meeting precedes the Division 12 Governor's Rally in Carrollton.  The following Georgia District Executives are invited:
Governor  Brent Leslie, Governor Elect David Simmons, Vice-Governor Barry Gardner, and Darryl Gumz, Immediate Past-Governor
The Council Meeting of Club Executives will meet in a classroom near the Fellowship Hall beginning promptly at 5:30 PM.
Please make accurate travel plans and make arrangements to leave your home base  - according to distance -  to arrive before 5:30 PM.
Please have a representative of you club be responsible to bring the Club Banner and have it in place for the Rally before 5:30 PM.
A spokesman (usually the President) from each club will bring report to the council.  Please prepare your concise bullet points in writing and be prepared to talk fast.  With nine clubs reporting. each club will be limited to ~ three minutes.  The unprepared might find me rude ?
We have yet to elect Lt. Governor successors.
Before the Council meets, I need your nominations for my successor; the Lt. Governor to serve term 2024-2025 on David Simmons' Board.
I also need nominations for Lt. Governor to serve term  2025-2026 on Barry Gardner's Board. 
The Council that met in October approved abandoning the assigned order of clubs hosting Lt. Governor.  In the past, there was an assigned order of Clubs from which Lt. Governor served.  In that sequence, if your club should sponsor Lt. Governor, but could not do so, that the assignment would fall on the next club on the list.  Now, the order does not matter: serving is based on qualification, interest, and availability. 
A little humor - very little, almost none:
 We might need to employ the Gomer Pyle method: With Pyle's platoon in a line, Sergeant Carter would ask for a volunteer, and everyone except Gomer would take a step back, leaving Gomer appearing to volunteer.