Posted by Dr. Fred Richards on Feb 23, 2024

Let the visitor beware -
for Dr. Fred Richards
Introduces guests

with a FLARE !!!






 Guests February 23, 2024:
Charles Shiver  -  Joey Key brought prospective member Charles Shiver. Charles loves to golf and spend time in the outdoors. He and his wife, Kaylee, have two daughters: Charlee (2 years old) and Kinslee (6 months old). He is a 2015 graduate of the University of West Georgia and is as sharp a dresser as Joey is.
JeNeen Walton  -  Colonel Margaret Miller invited prospective member, JeNeen Walton. JeNeen sings with Margaret in the "Noteworthy" singing group organized by Brenda Sue Holcomb which was a featured event at this year's Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast.
Pam Uglum and Jill Pierce  -  Bob Uglum of Golden K fame arrived with an entourage of outstanding women who spent time with friends while checking out the club: his dynamic and talented wife Pam, whom he credits with giving him many good ideas over the years; and Jill Pierce, a big supporter of the Pancake Breakfast and step-mother of our impressive program speaker Connor Pierce, who shared his experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail.
Allison Tanner  -  Johnny Tanner brought his wife, Allison. When I asked Allison what she wanted me to stay in my introduction of her, she gave me a Bette Midler look and said "Nothing." I always obey the women in my life, so, unusual for me, I said close to nothing.
Johnny also invited prospective member, Colin Worthington, who is News Director for Gradick Radio. Colin has a 20-uear-old son studying computer science who has been on the President's list 4 times, is excited bout baseball season, and is an ardent fan of the Cubs.
Angie McDaniel  -  Paul McDaniel brought wife and First Lady of our Kiwanis Club, Angie, our beloved past-president, who was as wild in her comments back then as I've ever been as Club Herald. Angie is currently a School Counselor at Temple High School.
- Fred
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