It has been a good custom to present the Governor and Spouse with gift(s) at the Division Governor's Rally .  For the year 2024, Brent Leslie requests that Clubs donate Adventure Bags as a most appropriate gift. 
( I can relate when Brent says, "please do not give us something would sit on a shelf or wall and require dusting."  !!) 

The concept is simple; it is a backpack filled with overnight essentials and comfort items to assist the child in crisis and their caretaker during the initial 24-48 hours of displacement.

Our goal through these Adventure Bags is to :

  • Provide them with something to call their own.
  • Offer a sense of security and comfort.
  • Remind them someone, somewhere is thinking about them.
The cost for each Adventure Bag is approximately ~$ 50.00 .   Please notify Neil Weathington if you or your club is interested in donating for this worthy cause.